DONALD HACKETT. JR for President U.S.A. Democrat

If you believe in liberty and free speech, call me now.

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 Don Hackett jr. a.k.a. known as Donald W. Hackett jr is a human individcual described in U.S. Constitution job descriptioon for President U.S.A.  article 2 section 1 fifth paragraph. 

Federal election law of 1971 administered by Federal election commission is in the anti constitutional business of refusing political existence rights and voice to human constitutionally qualified candidates unless high net worth, top dollar bribes and incorporation can be proven. 

Net result, taxation war, manipulation and control without representation.  

Corporations with way to much money bribe political incorporations and achieve the right to get over on the civilian serf, slave, peasant population.  Most notably in interest approaching 25% and prescription drugs priced hundreds of times greater than the cost of production. Conflicted war between political parties that yield refusal to negotiate on health care insurance.

There is historical and legal precedent for 5 Republican Corporation lawyers on U.S. Supreme Court acting in Blitzkrieg fashion and overthrowing a Constitutional Republic based on vote counting.  I am not asking for anything this radical. All I ask is that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have Top $ 4th reich inc. printed next to their names, and Don Hackett jr. for President U.S.A. est.1776 on every ballot in every state.

   I have declared for President U.S.A. Democrat every election cycle since march of 1987.  Federal election law 1971 title 26 chapters 95, 96  of U.S. code says that i don't exist

   My mailing address is Don Hackett Jr. 1001 Starkey rd lot 725 Largo Florida 33771.  Send cash, check or money ordercontributions so that i can resume broadcasts on internet and commercial radio. Podcasts on thenclick donfromlargo

   I will continue to be a candidate for President U.S.A. established 1776 and work against Top $ 4th Reich inc. Established 1971

My primary purpose is to establish a constitutional Republic of by and for the People with Liberty, Equality and Justice for all. Free speech, free press real elections.

When there is media Blitzkrieg or mass mailing for professional inside trader, high net worth, top dollar bribe taking incorporated politicians, let there be a disclaimer "There are other candidates for this office, go to"

In 1973, President Richard Nixon said "I am not a Crook" Don Hackett Jr. has been saying for 29 years. "I am a human being described in U.S. Constitution, Bill O f Rights, Declaration of Independence, Gettysburg Address, Pledge of Allegiance.

I propose that we recognize the qualifications listed in the U.S. Constitution job description for each elected federal office.

If the candidate is a human constitutionally qualified candidate, then list him or her as such. Then, rate according to net worth, bribes and incorporation.

Instead we worship at the altar of Dwight Eisenhowers worst fears voiced in 1961. The Military industrial complex has taken over and rules us, U.S.

When members of the top $ Demigod class are named in free or paid for publicity on mass media or mass mailings, there would be a disclaimer. "There are other candidates for this office, go to" There, names and connectivity of human constitutionally qualified candidates for federal office would be displayed.