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This is a redeclaration of candidacy forDon Hackett jr. for President U.S.A. Democrat

This declaration is filed on my web sites and

Every election cycle for 30 years, i have declared and redeclared my candidacy.  


-Purpose of this Anti Constitutional form of government is to eliminate government of by and for the people.

These organizations, together with the Federal Election law of 1971 and Citizens United Court ruling, conspire to eliminate the United States Constitution as the law of our land and substitute Top$4th reich inc.  

Also known as plutocracy, oligarchy, corporatocracy.

Purpose of this Anti Constitutional form of government is to eliminate the United States Constitution, remove right of human individuals to petition government for redress of grievances and establish a high net worth bribe taking incorporated form of government.

Taxation war manipulation and control without representation. 

In the former Constitution of the United States, individuals therein described had political existence rights and voice. Under Federal Election law of 1971 we are rated as and with dogs and children.

In 2016, we had another artificial erection based on NO POLITICAL EXISTENCE RIGHTS OR VOICE FOR physically described in all founding documents.

The result was two final candidates, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump each of whom were disqualified from holding positions of trust within the former United States ppConstitution. Article 1 section 9 paragraph 8.  Each took payments from foreign governments as part of their business model.

Karl Marx and Dwight Eisenhower are on the same page regarding status of our current United States of America.

Karl Marx said. "Workers of the world unite, cast off your chains, you have nothing to lose but your chains"

Dwight Eisenhower warned "In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of waranted or unwaranted power by the military industrial complex."

Now, the military industrial complex reigns supreme. Personal consumer debt is at the greatest level since just before the "great recession" 

We have deliberately with malice and forethought eliminated what might have been a Constitutional Republic of by and for the people with liberty, equality and justice for all. 

We have malignantly substituted high net worth bribe taking incorporations only need apply.

Every founding document says that the individual does exist and does have rights.  

Our federal election law of 1971 (the act) eliminated qualifications described in the United States Constitution and substituted ranking federal candidates who become incorporated according to financial status.  "These candidates spend at least $5.000 on their campaigns."  There were pictures of dogs, children and me. an actual human constitutionally qualified declared candidate for President U.S.A.

Since that day, i have been advocating every where i can.  ""Establish a constitutional Republic of by and for the people, free speech, free press, real elections. Liberty, Equality and Justice for all. When there is mass media coverage for a high net worth bribe taking political corporations not described in any founding document, let there be a disclaimer "There are other candidates for this job go to"

Don Hackett Jr. first declared for President U.S.A. in the spring of 1987.  An article in star Magazine Dec. 15, 1987 explained with a quote from a federal election commission representative Karen Finucan/  

There is massive, arbitrary discrimination in federal hiring based on sexual discrimination, high net worth, bribes, incorporation, ethnic preference, age.

The majority of our population, those of us who are broke by payday and have no extra money, are arbitrarily rated . We can have no political existence rights or voice. We are deemed a danger to ourselves and others and are sent to psychiatric prison if we advocate constitutional republic, free speech free press and real elections. We are considered not credible and not viable unless we prove high net worth bribes and incorporation.   

Our United States of America was founded on the anti democracy idea that some men are created equal.  The majority of the population, women, slaves, native americans did not, could not have certain inalienable rights.

Over the course of 195 years we opened up to being more equal.  

Women achieved the right to vote, divorce, be separate from their husbands.

Slaves were freed. One farmer was heard to say, you mean we only need to rent them now. Rental of cheap labor at less than living wage became law of our land. No longer is slavery a racial thing.  Its taxation, war manipulation and control without representation.

We stopped genocide against native amerians after wholesale murder,  driving them from their lands. We gave them casinos and the right to hunt and fish out of season. 

Any pretext of movement towards liberty, equality and justice ended in 1971 with the federal law also called THE ACT.

Job descriptions for federal office  have nothing to do with the electoral process. Purpose of the law is to re estabish the kind of minority government the nation was founded on.  "Only those with significant wealth who take bribes and become incorporated can have political existence rights or voice." Taxation war, manipulation and control without representation, the principle we rebelled against in 1776 is now the law of our land. says justpeoplearelcom do exist and do have rights.  

There is no free press in our U.S.A., there is only a paid for press. Prove that you have so much money that you dont need the job, take bribes, are incorporated. Then you are.  Otherwise you are jailed with no miranda warnings, no right to legal counsel, no right to make a phone call.  

Republican Sherriff negotiated with me.  Give up your right to remain silent, answer our questions, then you can make a phone call. i was a teamster truck driver employed by Pat Salmon, a mail contractor.  I told my captors  in the solitary confinement location that i needed to make a call, or i would not be there to deliver a tractor trailer of Priority mail to Jacksonville.  Republican Sherriff Jim Coats was guillty of a felony for refusing the phone call and deliberately delaying U.S. mail. I was written up, my guess is Coats escaped responsibility for deliberately delaying U.S. Mail by deliberately refusing my right to make a phone call.  Rights leave, disappear under the Republican Revolution.

What might we call a government that regards human individual  citizens described in constitution as with NO poliltical existence rights or voice?

Top $ 4th reich inc.  Prostitutional $horocracy inc. Preposterous Kraven bamboozle inc.  

This is a First Mechanics lien for $400,000. entered against property, assets and income of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Federal Election Commission, Democrat National Committee, Republican National Committee

 Donald Hackett Jr. a whole human individual described in U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, Pledge of Allegiance, Gettysburg Address.

My Address is Don Hackett jr. 1001 Starkey Rd. Lot 725 Largo Florida 33771 cell phone 727 674 8521 facebook don hackett jr. donald hackett jr. twitter @donhackettjr

I need $400. cash check or money order to stay get back on wtan 1340 am radio and $280. to stay on 1490 wwpr am radio

I, Don Hackett jr. have standing to bring this mechanics lien and related requests for changes in federal election law. I have declared for President U.S.A. , proved my constitutional qualifications every election cycle since 1987.  Filed a case in federal court Tampa florida asking that federal election law be brought in to compliance with U.S. Constitution.  Paid a filing fee, asked to be present at Citizens United oral arguments, assigned a case #by Federal Court of appeals Atlanta Georgia, Filed Directly with solicitor general and United States Supreme Court asking to be present at oral arguments.  

There is only ONE form of government in United States electoral politics. This is embodied in the Federal Election law of 1971. Only high net worth top $ bribe taking incorporated politicians need apply.  

Just people,human individuals described in all founding documents  are rated subhuman as and with dogs and children.  

Donald Trump lost the anti Democracy, anti Constitution 2016 artificial erection.  His margin of loss was greater than anyone arbitrarily

appointed President U.S.A. by the electoral college or U.S. Supreme Court. 

Founding fathers mistrusted the American People, and so established the electoral college in order that will of the people could be thwarted.

Democrat and Republican two party cartel mistrust human individuals described in U.S. Constitution and ruled with their anti constitution federal election law of 1971 that only those with too much money who take bribes and are incorporated can be recognized as candidates.

Name for this government is top $ 4th reich incorporated. or Plutocracy, or $horocracy. Those with too much money supply bribes to high net worth top $ bribe taking political corporations. Federal election law 1971, "the act" and federal election commission call it campaign contributions and campaign committee, but it is totally against everything described in U.S. Constitution, bill of rights, Declaration of Independence, bill of rights, pledge of allegiance.  All of these documents declare that the individual does exist and does have rights, especially since Republican Revolution declared in 1994, the individual does not exist and does not have rights.

The majority of the population, those who struggle to make ends meet from pay day to payday cannot, must not have political existence rights or voice. Taxation, war, manipulation and contderol without representation. 

Political Corporations who can pass the net worth bribes and incorporation litmus test are treated as demigods by the 4th reich paid for press.  Massive media blitzkrieg for bribetaking political corporations is as important to the 4th reich as sudden movement of troops and tanks across international borders was to the third reich.

It is no longer necessary to deliberately with malice and forethought to regard human individuals described in every founding document as with NO political existence rights or voice.

!. Qualify and cull federal Candidates according to qualifications described in U.S. Constitution job descriptions for each elected office.

2. When there is free or paid for press or mass mailings for privileged high net worth bribe taking incorporated class of politicians, let there be a disclaimer. "There are other candidates for this job go to"


Don Hackett Jr. once again declares for President U.S.A. Democrat. I first declared in 1987, i was rated subhuman as and with dogs and children. (Star Magazine page 15). I have been arguing since that there is NO need to refuse political existence rights and voice do to lack of ability to purchase admission to the ruling class.  We are declared not credible and not viable.  Artificial erection of federal candidates based on NO political existence rights or voice for 

Some say Trump is like a lawyer.  "You can tell he's lying, if his lips are moving"

His inaugaration echoed John F Kennedy's.  :"Ask not what you can do for your country, can do for you, ask what you can do for my company"  This sentiment was reinforce lately when he used the bully pulpit to attack Norstroms and push his daughter Ivanka's product line.  Trumps spokesperson Kellyanne Conway told the American People to buy the Trump brand.

Donald Trump is a dangerous phony populist.  The American People won the election, he claims hes for the American People, but appointed an extremely wealthy, billionaire and multimillionaire cabinet.  At all times he has acted against the Constitution and against the American people. 

Tampa Bay Times February 4, 2017 from N.Y. Times "A second directive he signed will effectively halt an Obama-era Labor Department rule that requires brokers to act in a clients best interest, rather than seek the highest profits for themselves" ......"One controversial component called the Volcker rule bars banks from trading in high-risk securities using their own capital, a practice that contributed to the last crisis."

In my, opinion, Donald Trump is a dangerous half cocked man doing real danger to and posing a threat to the U.S.A. and the worlds population.

This is a brainwashing propaganda tactic made famous by Nazi concentration camps.  There would be loud speakers blaring the third reich message, usually at odds to the prisoners. At first there would be loud vociferous opposition, then it was recognized by the inmates that ulterior speech was useless, and so eventually accepted the party line. Eisenhower warned us that we must resist takeover by the military industrial establishment in every way possible.  It is just as important that we resist the fourth reich as it was to resist the third reich.

Third Reich fuerher allowed dissension in concentration camps.  Steve Bannon, special adviser to President Trump has told us that we must stifle ourselves.  "Just shut up and listen".  An egomaniac with constant need for affirmation can't stand dissent.  Does anyone know, if his feelings get hurt, can he push the nuclear war button, or are there checks against Trumps impulse control.

We know that George W. Bush invaded Iraq and destabilized the middle east because of a threat made against his father. We were attacked by 15 people from Saudi Arabia, but Saudis were allowed inside the Bush whitehouse inner circle and were flown out of the country while the rest of air travel in the United States was shut down

Philosophy of Donald Trump is similar to George W Bush.  "No regulations, on business, let 'em stick 'em" This led to the total collapse of the world economic order. "The great recession"

Money changers such as Goldman sachs, Energy companies such as exxon mobil and Drug companies such as Pfizer run the country media companies such as Fox and U.S.A.  today are in the cabinet.  Just People federal candidates such as Don Hackett jr. , face book don Hackett jr. twitter @donhackettjr are still regarded as with No Political existence rights or voice. we are classified as and with dogs and children with No political existence rights or voice.

Somehow Barack Obama was able to pull us out of the great recession according to an established pattern. Republicans destroy economic order. Democrats save our collective skins.  Republican legislators adopted a policy of "Just say No" absolutely no cooperation on anything.

The greatest prize is appointment of a Supreme Court Judge along the lines of corporation lawyer Antonin Scalia.  Citizens United. Political speech is limited to those who have too much money.  Serf, slave, peasant population cannot must not have political speech

Donald Trump has nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.  Gorsuch wrote the opinion on Hobby Lobby wherein a closely held company could deny service based on their personal opinion. "No you cant have the morning after pill, no you cant rent this apartment, no you cant buy this product, no you cant petition government for redress of grievances unless you belong to a labor union, we are ordering you discharged, condemned and banned from government property because you filed written charges alleging age, ethnic or sexual discrimination, you lose your liberty because you declared for federal office and asked for input at Citizens United, you lose your right to remain silent, right to an attorney and all contact with the outside world unless you give up your fifth amendment  right to remain silent and answer questions posed by the Republican police state"

Barack Obama, an elected President appointed a judge, but Republicans would have no part of it.

Republican Revolution was declared in 1994, violent mercenary armed class war 1995.  Code of written law must be destroyed. In this case it was labor unions and the labor union contract.  Individuals must be free to negotiate with multinational corporations on a global basis for the least amount of money.

U.S.A. Today, Gannet paid Republican Governor John Engler millions of dollars to organize an army and beat club and gas labor unions out of existence.  Don Hackett jr. a human Constitutionally qualified declared Democrat candidate for President U.S.A. stood up to the Jack Booted thugs, and advocated Constitutional Republic in writing.  I was arrested and portrayed on mass media infomercial as an anonymous violent criminal.  That is still the secret of the Republican  misinformation Revolution.  Reality is what we say it is, no matter what the facts are.  The serf, slave peasant population must not, cannot have political existence rights or voice.

On the first day in office, Donald Trump was in violation  of article 1 section 9 8th clause of the United States Constitution.  He takes payments from foreign governments and citizens of foreign governments.  His campaign was a fraud perpetrated against the American people.  He has been sued for direct obvious violation of our constitution. 

Trumps placement of travel restrictions on muslim countries who do not make payments to his company is exactly why the founders favored no payments to employees of the United States Government by foreign countries or their representatives. We now experience the wisdom of their law in the United States Constitution  first hand.

Trump refuses to tell us about his personal finances because he is above and greater than the law.  

It is strange that he admires an oligarch who bombs hospitals in order to maintain a Russian port on the Mediterranean Sea, and murders his political opposition. Maybe there is an anti constitutional financial connection.  Trump says No, one of his sons say yes.

Don Hackett jr. has been a human constitutionally qualified declared candidate for President U.S.A. for 30 years.  Our Federal Election law of 1971 says that people like me. Those who struggle to make ends meet from payday to payday are rated , We don't exist.  we are jailed and sent to psychiatric prison by Republican police state because we are a danger to ourselves and others. No miranda warning, no right to attorney, no right to make a phone call, no right to be secure in your person or papers, no right to remain silent. Nazis said show me your papers, we have ways of making you talk.

Citizens United ruling came out January 21 2010.  Five Corporation lawyers on the Supreme Court ruled that too much money entitles unlimited speech.  On January 24, i, Don Hackett jr. was arrested. Republican Sheriff says, answer our questions, then you can make a phone call, otherwise we hold you indefinitely with no contact between you and outside world, no legal counsel.  Ultimately the reason for my arrest and psychiatric prison was that i declared for President U.S.A. and asked to be present at oral arguments re Citizens United. Case # assigned by U.S. District Court of appeals Atlanta Georgia.

My social security retirement income is about 1500 month after taxes. Northwest Airlines 10 year vested pension $45/month.  wages for driving a tractor trailer $13.40/hr. 27 hrs last week.  My expenses are about $3200/month, income about $2700/month. I am looking for ways to expand my income. More hours on my current job. Different job. Sell something.  Resume radio talk show, but get paid.  Haul something with my large Sprinter Van.

My 1999 Goldwing Aspencade Motorcycle is for sale $4500.  My 2006 Dodge Mercedes Sprinter van, totally decorated with large professional text advocating constitutional Republic, free speech, free press, real elections. $15,000.  Van has in excess of $12.000 of repairs mostly by Mercedes.

Some of my interest to visa, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Sams Club is at 22.65%.  I am told that if i had $25,000. to deposit, i might get 1% interest.  If i want to achieve an artificial erecktion with viagra, it would cost $60.00 per pill. My wife needed and iron supplement called procrit, cost to her $1,000. each infusion. Epicet $500. per purchase.  

It is my concept that gouging, robbery from American People is possible by the anti constitutional form of government. Taxation, war, manipulation and control without representation.  Bribe a group of political corporations, charge hundreds of times the value of your product. Banks purchase a totally inequitable robbery of the american people.

Dangerous ideas that caused me to lose liberty.  I declared for federal office a job that the United States Constitution says i am qualified to hold.  Look in the United States Constitution Qualify and cull according to qualifications for each federal elected office.

When there is media blitzkrieg, on paid for press or mass mailings for Top $ high net worth bribe taking incorporated politicians, let there be a disclaimer.  "There are other candidates for this job go to" 

There is no longer a need to criminalize and refuse political existence rights and voice for peaceful, human law abiding, hardworking citizens who choose to petition government for redress of grievances by declaring for federal office.

Don Hackett jr. 1001 Starkey Road lot 725 largo Florida 33771 cell 727 674 8521 website access , face book don hackett jr. or Donald Hackett Jr. twitter @donhackettjr. Send cash check or money order.  I would like to resume broadcasting on am, and fm radio and internet advocating the dangerous idea. Increments of $100. at least $400. would get me back on the air.